Have you looked at your Fall hygiene schedule? Does it seem...light? That's The Big Dip. Late September marks six months since the COVID-19 shutdown began, and our empty schedules from Spring are now empty recall schedules in the Fall. We need to get ahead of it now, or it will keep recurring every 6 months.


In September 2020, we hosted a series of webinars, along with Dr. Tarun "T-Bone" Agarwal of 3D Dentists, about The Big Dip and how to mitigate its effects.

Part 1 featured Steven Jensen of Dental Intelligence to introduce and define The Big Dip; and Sandy Pardue of Classic Practice Resources to talk about a specific highly-effective mitigation strategy: patient reactivation.

Part 2 focused on mitigation: Dr. Roger Levin of Levin Group discussed operational initiatives; and Shane Simmons of Crimson Media Group and Benjy Rose, DentalHQ Director of Marketing, detailed some effective marketing strategies and tactics to get your practice through The Big Dip unscathed.

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It's rough out there – so we created a handy Survival Guide with some actionable strategies to help your practice through The Big Dip.