Frequently asked questions about membership plans

Here are some common questions and answers about dental membership plans.
What is a dental membership plan?
1. A direct patient-to-practice subscription-based financial arrangement: Patients receive preventive care and other treatments outlined in the plan in exchange for a monthly or annual fee paid directly to the dental office.

2. An alternative to dental insurance, dental savings plans, and fee-for-service (in some use cases) to help dental professionals grow and transform their practice.

3. A financial model that can expand care to uninsured patients and revolutionize modern dentistry management.
What services should I include in my dental membership plan?
When it comes to dental membership plans for offices, coverage for repeated preventive and maintenance care services is the main idea. This can be overall preventive care, such as cleanings and X-rays, or preventive and maintenance services for more specific aspects of dentistry, such as perio, ortho, or dentures.

You can offer as many or as few services in each plan, and as many or as few dental membership plans as you would like. Too many plan options can be overwhelming for patients to choose between, but you can find a balance for serving the niche needs of the patient demographics within your community and your practice’s patient base.
How do I price my dental membership plan?
The power of pricing is in your hands. Like the services you include and the pricing you set for your fee-for-service care, your  plan pricing is your decision.

For membership plans, you bundle a few different services and how many of each you might normally perform for a patient within a year. These generally include basic preventive care services, such as cleanings, exams, and X-rays. Or you may have separate plans for specific patient demographics (children, retirees) or for certain types of services (periodontics, dentures, orthodontics).

The pricing of these services vary, and so will your annual and monthly pricing strategy. We recommend our partner offices calculate the fees for the services offered in any particular plan for a year, add a discount as you see fit, and divide that total over 12 months, if offering a monthly payment option to patients.
How do dental membership plans comparable to savings plans, discount plans, and insurance?
Dental discount plans and dental savings plans are more comparable to a buyer’s club than a subscription dental membership. When patients pay into these plans, they receive discounts on dental care and can schedule appointments with various participating dentists in their area. Dental membership plans establish a more direct connection between your practice and your patient.

Dental insurance may be an employment benefit, like health insurance, or patients may pay for dental insurance themselves at a monthly or annual rate. But, as you know, dental insurance claims do not guarantee coverage for all treatment, and haggling with insurance companies costs time, money, and energy for your front office staff and patients alike. Membership plans offer more transparency in pricing and services expectations for both patients and the dental practice. More clarity = good health all around.

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Eliminate tedious administration.

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Your uninsured patients probably don’t come in every 182.5 days. With DentalHQ, you can offer flexible plans—on your terms—that can help uninsured patients come in more often. Include the services you want and set your desired pricing. Win.

Foster a Member Mindset.

Patients who belong to a practice’s membership plan feel more attached to the practice. Membership plans foster loyalty, trust, and higher case acceptance.

10x your marketing efforts.

Offer your membership plan as a perk to retirement communities, co-working spaces, book clubs, or homeowner associations. The opportunities are endless.

Get help when you need it.

With best-in-class Implementation Gurus to help get your program launched and humming along, and five-star Success Coaching to show your team how to talk about and sell your plans, DentalHQ sets you up for success.

See the forest and the trees.

View member stats, revenue analytics, and payout reports for individual locations. And a multi-location dashboard with roll-up reporting gives you the 30,000-foot view of it all.