DentalHQ Partners with Virginia Dental Association Member Perks

DentalHQ Partners with Virginia Dental Association Member Perks

We are thrilled to announce that DentalHQ has been selected as the endorsed membership plan platform by the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) Member Perks. This partnership brings together DentalHQ’s award-winning dental membership plan software with the trusted network and benefits of the VDA, aiming to enhance the efficiency and success of dental practices across the state of Virginia.

Why DentalHQ?

DentalHQ has established itself as a leading provider of dental membership plan software, specifically designed to streamline operations and improve patient loyalty for dental practices. Our platform stands out for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive automation features, making it the perfect solution for group practices and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).

Our founder, Dr. Brett Wells, is a practicing dentist himself—he saw a need for the dental practice community that he knew needed to be filled, which is why DentalHQ was created with dentists like you in mind. He and other industry professionals (such as Dr. Mary Pham of Lollipop Dental and Dr. Michael Riccobene of Riccobene Associates) have used DentalHQ to transform their practices by simplifying payment and recall management across multiple offices. 

Fully automated for group practice success

DentalHQ’s platform is purpose-built for ultimate group practice success. Sound a little too good to be true? See what we have to offer:

Automated everything: From payment processing to status tracking and office notifications, our platform automates every aspect of membership plan management.

Simplicity: DentalHQ is designed to be easy to manage, easy to get practices up and running in minutes with resources, and yes, even easy-to-reach customer support. Just for you.

Increased ROI: By attracting more uninsured patients and keeping existing ones on a consistent schedule, DentalHQ helps practices boost their revenue while reducing administrative burdens.

Flexibility: Whether you have independent offices or a unified organizational structure, DentalHQ allows you to create and manage plans tailored to your needs. 

Patient satisfaction: Patients benefit from straightforward payment options without the hassle of waiting periods or insurance complications, fostering direct and positive relationships with your practice.

VDA Member Perks: Supporting Virginia dentists

The Virginia Dental Services Corporation (VDSC), a subsidiary of the VDA, has been recommending top-tier products and services to its members for 26 years. VDA Member Perks offer peace of mind with vetted and recommended vendors, providing special benefits and discounted pricing. Over the years, VDSC has contributed more than $3.7 million in funding to support the VDA, VDA Foundation, VCU School of Dentistry, and other initiatives.

A commitment to excellence

This partnership signifies our dedication to supporting dental professionals in Virginia, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

Eric Dawe, DentalHQ's Vice President of Business Development, expressed our excitement about the partnership: “We’re honored to have been selected as the endorsed membership plan platform by VDA Perks for VDA Members. DentalHQ is committed to working with Virginia dentists to increase patient care across the state and support the Association.”

Get started today

We happily invite all VDA members to explore the benefits of DentalHQ through the VDA Member Perks program. Book a demo with DentalHQ to see how our platform can elevate your practice to new heights.

For more information about joining VDA Perks, you can visit their website here to find out more.

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