DentalHQ is proud to be the exclusive in-house membership plan platform of the North Carolina Dental Society >

DentalHQ is the exclusive provider of in-house membership plans to the NCDS.

This is big. Huge, even.

30 May, 2019

We're super-excited to announce that DentalHQ has been chosen to be the exclusive provider of in-house membership plans for the North Carolina Dental Society (NCDS).

"This relationship presents a tremendous opportunity for DentalHQ and the NCDS," said Brett Wells, DDS, founder/CEO of DentalHQ and practicing dentist in Raleigh, NC. "We are thrilled to be able to help our fellow dentists inour home state to revolutionize their practices with in-house membership plans"

The Plan will help North Carolina dental practices to reduce patient attrition, increase case acceptance, and grow their fee-for-service patient base by leveraging the "stickiness" of in-house membership plans.

"The NCDS In-House Membership Plan, powered by DentalHQ, will allow our members to build better relationships with their patients, and happier patients tend to stick with their dentists in the long run." said Dr. Alec Parker, executive director of the North Carolina Dental Society. "These plans, which dentists can customize based on their practice, make it easier for patients, without having to work through third-party insurance plans."

North Carolina dentists can learn more about the Plan at

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The North Carolina Dental Society is one of the oldest dental societies in the country, serving its nearly-4000 members since 1856.