Endorsed as an ADSO Affinity Partner

Top 6 Reasons ADSO endorses DentalHQ as an Affinity Partner for membership plans:

Eliminate tedious administration.

Automation features make managing your program unbelievably easy. DentalHQ handles everything from online patient enrollment to payment collection to patient communication, with roll-up reporting for all your locations. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Tap into your largest opportunity.

Your uninsured patients probably don’t come in every 182.5 days. With DentalHQ, you can offer flexible plans—on your terms—that can help uninsured patients come in more often. Include the services you want and set your desired pricing. Win.

Foster a Member Mindset.

Patients who belong to a practice’s membership plan feel more attached to the practice. Membership plans foster loyalty, trust, and higher case acceptance.

10x your marketing efforts.

Offer your membership plan as a perk to retirement communities, co-working spaces, book clubs, or homeowner associations. The opportunities are endless.

Get help when you need it.

With best-in-class Implementation Gurus to help get your program launched and humming along, and five-star Success Coaching to show your team how to talk about and sell your plans, DentalHQ sets you up for success.

See the forest and the trees.

View member stats, revenue analytics, and payout reports for individual locations. And a multi-location dashboard with roll-up reporting gives you the 30,000-foot view of it all.

The best 213 seconds you could possibly spend right now: