What if my practice already has a membership plan?

If you already have a membership plan in your dental office, you’re a step ahead and focused on the future of both your practice and the dental industry as a whole.

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What if my practice already has a membership plan? | DentalHQ

But how are you managing that plan?

The two main options for membership plan management are DIY and a third-party software platform. With DIY, very likely your office staff is creating and managing spreadsheets alongside your patient management system. Sure, it's cheap, but it's also quite inefficient and not very scalable – the more members you get, the more your team needs to keep track of.

Or you may have decided to go with a third-party software platform, but you’re not sure which platform company to choose.

We may be biased, but let’s help guide you one more step closer to making a sound financial decision for your dental practice: