Dental Membership Plan Software Benefits Dentists

Dental membership plan benefits for dentists and dental practice owners

Dental membership plans make a lot of sense for your patients, giving them more affordable access to dental care. DentalHQ also brings tremendous value to your practice, and for you as the business owner.

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Revenue chevron-right Dependable

DentalHQ brings recurring, consistent, and dependable revenue to your practice

As a dental practice owner, you know the importance of balancing revenue and expenses to be sure you can keep the lights on, order supplies, and pay your hardworking team. With monthly or annual payments from patients, dental membership plans provide a way for your practice to see more recurring, consistent, and dependable revenue. That means fewer surprises and hits to your income when patients miss or cancel their appointments.

Patient Retention chevron-right Upgraded

Dental membership plans from DentalHQ increase patient loyalty and patient retention

Dental membership plans encourage your patients to visit your office more regularly, and this helps you and your office team build relationships with those patients. Over time, this improves patient loyalty to your practice while also reducing patient attrition for an overall higher patient retention rate for your practice.

Case Acceptance chevron-right Increased

Stronger trust in you and your team means higher case acceptance

Dental membership plans help you and your practice build stronger trusting relationships with patients as they more frequently visit your practice. When your patients trust you and your team, they feel more comfortable to accept your advice for treatment recommendations, thereby improving your case acceptance rates.

Insurance Dependency chevron-right Reduced

Dental membership plans from DentalHQ reduce dependency on insurance company reimbursement

As insurance reimbursement rates continue to decrease, more dental professionals and practice owners are seeking other alternatives. The financial structure of membership plans offers a better way for your practice to structure preventive care to all of your patients, reducing your dependence on insurance reimbursements.

Practice Value chevron-right Increased

DentalHQ boosts the valuation of your dental practice by as much as 8x

Increasing your recurring revenue and ROI and expanding your practice’s plan dental membership all contribute to a higher valuation of your dental practice. Whether you’re seeking investors to grow your practice or planning a sale for retirement, your dental membership plan with DentalHQ can raise your dental practice’s value.

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DentalHQ receives endorsement of Association of Dental Service Organizations (ADSO)
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