BusinessConnect is an innovative program from DentalHQ that allows you to offer your membership plans directly to local businesses.
It’s not’s better. 

  • Connect directly with local businesses
  • Your membership plan becomes their employees' dental benefits
  • The business can decide to subsidize its employees' plan payments
  • Super-simple administration through your DentalHQ dashboard


Succeeding with BusinessConnect will require some new ways of thinking about marketing – you’re not just marketing to consumers; now you’re also marketing to local businesses.

But it's easier than you think.

  • Reach out to local businesses

    Maybe some of your existing patients work at a small business. Maybe some of your existing patients OWN a small business. Use your network and your local neighborhood to identify small businesses whose employees would benefit from your membership plans...and call them. We've got marketing materials you can share with them, too.

  • Invite them to your practice

    Got interest? Great! Get the email address of the HR person or owner. Then, from your DentalHQ dashboard, click the Invite Business button, and send an email invitation. Super-simple.

  • Business signs up

    The email you sent has a unique link for the business to sign up with your practice. They fill out a simple enrollment form, decide whether or not to subsidize – a fixed dollar amount per member or a percentage with a cap – and get rolling!

  • Business invites employees

    The business can upload a spreadsheet of employees' email addresses and our system will send them each a unique invitation link.

  • Employees become members!

    Each employee can respond to their own link and decide to become a member of your practice. They can sign up themselves and their family members, and if the business chose to subsidize, the employees don't pay a thing! (The business pays 100% of the membership fees to you, and then they take the employee portion out of their paychecks.)


BusinessConnect has the potential to revolutionize how you market your practice. Instead of adding one patient at a time, you're adding whole companies. It's a pretty big deal.

The value of this innovative program comes in increased marketing efficiency. Boost your results by 10X. For the same amount of effort – social campaign, coupon book ad, email list – you can add multiple patients at a time. It's a game-changer.

But here's the best part.
If you're a DentalHQ partner office,

BusinessConnect is included.

That's right. It doesn't cost you anything to boost your results by 10X.
Like we said, game-changer.

Ready to roll?

Let's boost your marketing results – click the button to Schedule a Demo of the platform, and we'll show you just how easy it is to add membership plans to your practice.

Already a DentalHQ partner office? High five! Log in to your dashboard and click the BusinessConnect button on the left. 

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