Dental insurance is a problem.

We solved it.

Eliminate the hassles of dental insurance with dental membership plan software from DentalHQ.

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The Problem:

Increased dependency on insurance arrow-right decreased satisfaction.

Over the past ten years, the percentage of the U.S. population with dental insurance has increased by over 30%. However, nearly 70% of patients are actually paying more to insurance companies than the true market price of the services they receive. And how do you think customer satisfaction is trending? (Hint: it's not up.)

Unnecessary hassle, decreasing reimbursements, and convoluted repayment processes have led to an adversarial and toxic relationship.

Dental Insurance Penetration Chart

The DentalHQ Solution:

Reduce barriers, regain control

With DentalHQ, you can provide uninsured patients with budgetary control over their dental care, reducing the #1 barrier to attracting uninsured patients: cost.

Eliminating dental insurance from the equation fosters a direct relationship between you and the patient, putting more money in your pocket, costing your patients less, and creating a better experience for everyone.

Dental Membership Plan Software from DentalHQ