Grow Your Membership Plan/

Whether you’re a dentist, a dental office manager, or a patient, membership plans can benefit your dentistry experience. But more important than simply having a plan is focusing time and resources on growing your membership plan.

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Look, we know dentists and dental office managers already have an unending task list. The patient appointments themselves are just one of many parts of successfully maintaining a thriving dental business.

But what about those entrepreneurial dentists who hope to not just maintain but to grow their dental practice?

That’s why we believe in the power of membership plans (and, of course, membership plan management platforms). Especially for dental professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and growth mindset focused on the future of their business, the benefits of membership plans are great, several, and numerous.

As you grow the number of patients subscribed to your practice’s membership plan, you inherently grow your practice, in more ways than one.

Increase New Patient Acquisition

There are around 100 million Americans without dental insurance. And less than a quarter of them actually visit the dentist. That means hundreds if not thousands (or, dare we say, millions for you big-city practices) of uninsured patients in your community likely go without their regular cleanings and dental exams for fear of the cost of dental care.

Your membership plan can save the day for these uninsured and underinsured patients. And besides the feel-good aspect of extending access to dental care, your practice also begins to solve a major problem experienced across the dental profession: how to acquire new patients.

Reduce Patient Attrition,
Improve Patient Retention

We’ve talked about how membership plans can bring more new patients in through your office doors, but the next critical step is retaining those patients within your practice.

Patient attrition and patient retention are one of the most commonly shared issues facing dental professionals yesterday, today, and looking to the future. The revolving door of one-spit-wonders, new patient specials, and the changing dynamics of a post-pandemic world have created instability for dental practices’ patient communities.

By fostering patient loyalty, you reduce patient attrition, improve patient retention, and boost the ROI on your new patient acquisition marketing budget. A membership plan helps you to achieve that goal. 

And with the membership plan already in place, it’s brush, rinse, repeat: Increasing the number of patients on your membership plan increases the number of patients loyal to your practice. That’s in addition to increasing the likelihood that your loyal patients upgrade to brand advocates, sharing the good news of your practice and its membership plan with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Your Membership Plan Is Itself a Marketing Strategy

The task of thinking about what demographics of patients to whom you can build and offer a plan also helps to clarify the patient markets your practice should direct marketing efforts toward. 

For example, building a plan for retirees can help you serve your more retiree-friendly local community in need of denture replacements and periodontal care. The same goes for parents with kids and a membership plan that offers child discounts and focuses on dental care needs for the kids, such as cavity fillings and orthodontics.

Your membership plan can also be a key differentiator from competing dentists in your local area. As the membership plan is still a relatively new financial structure, you may find yourself offering one of the only – or one of the most competitively priced – monthly or annual dental care plans in your community.

And finally, your membership plan itself is a year-round evergreen marketing campaign focus. From social media and blog posts to email newsletters and direct mailers, offering a membership plan means your practice always has something to mention in marketing materials.