Dental Membership Plan Software Benefits Office Managers

Dental membership plan benefits for office managers

Call it "Dentist-tested, OM-approved."

The DentalHQ platform, designed with insights from our founder, dentist, and multiple practice owner Dr. Brett Wells, has been refined with input from experienced dental office managers.

Our platform and customer support are crafted with your real-world experiences in mind.

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Office Managers – we see you.

You tirelessly keep dental practice operations running smoothly, maintain positive morale, and create a welcoming patient experience.

You care about your patients and colleagues, often acting as the superheroes of your practice.

That’s why DentalHQ keeps dentists and YOU in mind as we bring dental membership plan success across the dental profession. Here’s how dental membership plans can support you as an Office Manager:

Practice Management chevron-right Streamlined

DentalHQ makes every day more efficient

With so many tasks and people to juggle each day in any dental practice, Office Managers understand the importance of efficiency and a streamlined workflow in keeping both patients and colleagues happy. Dental membership plans – and specifically, DentalHQ– contribute to greater efficiency to make your day-to-day workload that much easier.

Patient Outcomes chevron-right Improved

DentalHQ helps you bring better dental health for your patients

When patients more regularly schedule and attend their appointments, they tend to maintain better dental care habits. And, their dentist and hygienists can find potential problems sooner. Dental membership plans through DentalHQ increase the likelihood of your patients keeping to their regular appointments, thereby improving the likelihood of better health outcomes for their teeth and gums.

Patient Retention chevron-right Increased

DentalHQ improves patient retention and patient loyalty

Dental membership plans are a proven way to increase patient retention and foster a greater sense of loyalty patients feel toward their local dentist. When you improve the patient experience through a dental membership program with DentalHQ, your patients transform into brand advocates, telling their friends and family about the good experience they’ve had with your dental office.

Team chevron-right Happier

DentalHQ delivers a smoother day and improved team morale

Office Managers know that happier patients create a happier work environment for your team, and if we do the math, happier patients + happier team = Happy Office Managers! A dental membership program with DentalHQ can be a key asset in improving morale for your team.

Insurance Hassles chevron-right Reduced

DentalHQ reduces dependency on insurance

Imagine the daily headaches you and your team could avoid by not having to haggle with insurance providers and patients over claims and coverage. DentalHQ’s custom dental plans let you offer flexible plans for insured and uninsured patients, while Guaranteed Plan Payments ensure dependable revenue. Automate billing and appointments for a better experience all around. Win-win-win.

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