DentalHQ features: a selected list DentalHQ is proud to be the exclusive in-house membership plan platform of the North Carolina Dental Society >

Features list

There are approximately 684,321 features that make DentalHQ perfect for your practice.
Here are a few:

  • DentalHQ was founded by a dentist to serve the unique needs of dentists. That's important.
  • No start-up fees. No maintenance fees. Zero cost to get rolling.
  • Our Client Success Manager. He's a feature. Trust us.
  • Our platform is updated nearly every day...wait...just updated again.
  • Endorsements and partnerships with the North Carolina Dental Society, Ohio Dental Association, Smile Source, Elite Dental Alliance, Levin Group, Riccobene Associates.
  • Our Director of Marketing is an award-winning beatboxer.
  • Live phone support from a real live DentalHQ person. It's a thing. We rock email, too.
  • Our Marketing Portal provides an ever-growing arsenal of tools to help you get the word out and get more members. 
  • Guaranteed payment plans through an exclusive partnership with Varidi.
  • Supercharged marketing landing pages for your practice through an exclusive partnership with Webistry.
  • Custom mailers, door-drop flyers, and hyper-targeted marketing through an exclusive partnership with Taradel.
  • Remote billing solutions through an exclusve partnership with Webistry.
  • DentalHQ is super-easy to use – Mark's two-year-old just set up a perio plan for her stuffed llama. 
  • Our team might have the cutest kids in the industry. Seriously. Don't argue.
  • Comprehensive personalized training to ensure your practice's success.
  • You create the plans. You set the fees. Complete plan customization to your practices specific needs.
  • Super-simple member management. This shouldn't be difficult...and it's not.
  • Keep patients coming back to your practice. Typical patient attrition rates are 20-25%. Our total cancellation rate across the U.S. is less than 2.5%. Wow, indeed.
  • Our Lead Software Engineer curates a 14-hour-long playlist consisting exclusively of film scores.
  • No contracts. Not that you'll want to leave...
  • Our business model is in direct alignment with your success. We succeed when you succeed.
  • White-label everything: your plan, your patient materials, your marketing, your pricing.
  • Our platform is perfectly built for DSOs, with multi-location setup and login, multi-user permission levels, and a "corporate" overview to manage it all.
  • Brand new, innovative- oh, sorry...we can't tell you about that yet...
  • Unlimited refills on marketing materials and coffee.

"DentalHQ helps practices tremendously to retain existing patients and attract new ones. You end up far more profitable with DentalHQ than without it."

Roger P. Levin, DDS

Founder & CEO, Levin Group. Inc.

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