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Growing and managing your membership plans can be simplified – and even enjoyable – when you work with the right software platform provider. 

That's why we developed a suite of exciting features built to support the success of your dental practice.

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Created for Dental Professionals,
by a Dental Professional

The DentalHQ platform was designed with you in mind.

Brett Wells, DDS, experienced significant growth across multiple practices as a result of membership plans, but managing those plans in-house proved a challenge. That inspired him to work with a team of experts and software developers to bring the DentalHQ membership plan growth platform to you.

Analysis without the paralysis

The completely redesigned DentalHQ Dashboard

See what you need to see, when you need to see it. Check totals and week-over-week progress for your plans, revenue, and member counts, including valuable insights for your morning team huddle.

Improved payout and activity reporting

Innovative insights for plan and practice optimization

Our robust reporting area puts the data in your hands. Run reports on upcoming renewals and delinquent members, and get easy access to all your payouts, in one place.

Member management made even easier.

A user-friendly and intuitive interface for managing plans and members

The updated DentalHQ interface is built for power and simplicity. Easily access and manage of all of your members’ information through a shockingly-simple tab system. Account holders, family members...swap between them with ninja-like ease.

Ledger & History

Easy access to members’ patient history and ledger information

Save time and energy spent searching for patient information and comparing reports with an updated patient Ledger and History feature in the DentalHQ platform. Plus, we have integrations with patient management systems in the works.

Yogi-like plan flexibility

Customize your membership plans for specific patient demographics and services

Customizable plans offer the flexibility your practice needs. Create optimized care and payment plans to fit your practice and the needs and demographics of your community.

Customer Support & Success Team

Guidance through each step of plan creation, implementation, and management

Grow your membership plan and practice alongside your Customer Support and Success Team, as advocates for your success through each step of the process.

Transparent pricing

A clear pricing structure for your membership plan growth platform

Keep your books balanced while you grow your practice revenue and patient population through more effective and efficient membership plan management.


Add entire groups of members from local community organizations

As a care provider for your local community, you can extend your membership plan offerings to local community groups and organizations. Grow your practice faster by adding groups of new members at once.

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Support local businesses with a dental insurance alternative

Work alongside local businesses in your area to offer your membership plan directly to their employees as part of an employer-provided benefits package.

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