connect directly with community groups

CommunityConnect is a simple yet powerful program that allows you to offer your membership plans directly to local community groups.
Think retirement communities, PTA, athletic clubs, religious organizations. 

  • Connect directly with local community groups
  • Your membership plan becomes their group benefit
  • Offer a discount as a group member perk
  • Super-simple administration through your DentalHQ dashboard


Succeeding with CommunityConnect will require some different ways of thinking about marketing, but not too different – you're not just involved in local community groups for visibility and awareness; now you can directly connect and offer group discounts.

It's just as easy as it seems.

  • Reach out to local community groups

    You're probably doing this already – a banner on your local school baseball field, swim team sponsorships, tables at the local Fun you can make those work harder for you. Offer group discounts to join your membership plan, and you not only get visibility, you get new patients!

  • Invite them to your practice

    Got interest? Great! Set up the Group in your dashboard with one click, and then either invite a group administrator to share the unique signup link with their members, or you can get the email addresses and invite them yourself.

  • Group members sign up

    The unique link from Step 2 has everything they need to sign up.
    Discount included.


CommunityConnect supercharges your existing marketing efforts. It creates a whole new patient acquisition channel. It's a pretty big deal.

The value of this innovative program comes in increased marketing efficiency. Boost your results by 10X. For the same amount of effort – social campaign, coupon book ad, email list – you can add multiple patients at a time. It's a game-changer.

But here's the best part.
If you're a DentalHQ partner office,

CommunityConnect is included.

That's right. It doesn't cost you anything to boost your results by 10X.
Like we said, game-changer.

Ready to roll?

Let's boost your marketing results – click the button to Schedule a Demo of the platform, and we'll show you just how easy it is to add membership plans to your practice.

Already a DentalHQ partner office? High five! Log in to your dashboard and click the CommunityConnect button on the left. 

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