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With CommunityCONNECT™, you can revolutionize how you market your practice. Instead of adding one patient at a time, you can add entire groups or organizations of new patients at once.

And it's included with the DentalHQ membership platform.

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The sky’s the limit for marketing potential.

You know you can offer your dental membership plan to individual patients and their families. Which is great.

The real power of the DentalHQ platform comes when you provide your plan’s benefits to entire community groups and organizations in your local area.

The sky’s the limit for marketing potential within your neighborhood, town, or city:

  • Retirement communities
  • Religious organizations
  • Gig workers, freelancers, and local artists
  • Co-working spaces
  • Universities and community colleges
  • Apartment and condominium complexes
  • Sports teams, youth sports clubs, and athletic organizations

The real value here? Marketing efficiency. Your marketing dollars, time, and effort go farther, faster.

We don’t hesitate to call CommunityCONNECT a real game-changer.

And the best part? It doesn’t cost you anything extra. CommunityCONNECT is included for all DentalHQ partner offices.
Like we said, game-changer.

Now let’s talk logistics.

How CommunityCONNECT works

Succeeding with CommunityCONNECT will require some different ways of thinking about marketing, but not too different.

You're probably already involved in local community groups for visibility and awareness. And now you can directly connect and offer group discounts.

It's just as easy as it seems.

Reach out to local community groups
Again, you're probably doing this already – a banner on your local school baseball field, swim team sponsorships, tables at the local Fun you can make those work harder for you. Offer group discounts to join your membership plan, and you not only get visibility, you get new patients!

Invite them to your practice
Got interest? Great! Set up the Group in your dashboard with one click, and then either invite a group administrator to share the unique signup link with their members, or you can get the email addresses and invite them yourself.

Group members sign up
The unique link from Step 2 has everything they need to sign up.
Discount included.

Connecting your community to better dental health

Dental health is at the core of overall health and wellness. Too often, patients only come to your office when they have pains or problems, many that could have been avoided through routine preventive and maintenance oral care your office provides.

Fear of the costs of dental care is the most common reason patients avoid coming into your office. Your dental membership plan offers these patients an alternative to dental insurance that extends access to preventive dental services and other treatment options for those in your local community.

What if there was a way to communicate the benefits of both routine dental care and the membership plan your practice offers? CommunityCONNECT can be the solution.

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