Software Platform For Dental Memberships

Your dental membership plan needs a software platform.

Benefits of a dental membership plan software platform

You may have already decided to launch a dental membership plan for your practice, but now you’re wondering whether to find a dental membership software platform or to manage your plans in-house. Let us help you make the best choice for your dental practice.

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Focus on what matters

With an effective dental membership software platform, you and your team can spend less time and energy focusing on spreadsheets and documentation, and instead focus on providing quality dental care and patient experiences.

Setup: Easy Peasy

With a third-party dental membership software platform, you gain additional guidance and support for you and your team as you create, manage, and grow your dental membership plan.

The DentalHQ software platform and our support team assist you as you decide on the details of your plan, with simple customization and management of plans for your practice and your patient community. And we help you seamlessly integrate your dentalmembership plans and our software platform into your day-to-day operations and technology.

Metrics: More Manageable

DentalHQ’s enhanced dashboard enables you to easily track member sign-ups for your plans as well as analytics and an activity feed to monitor your practice’s plans, service utilization, payments, and more. It's all right there, with pretty charts and graphs.

Growth: Great Potential

With streamlined plan management and accessible analytics, you can grow your plan’s membership – and grow your practice – in less time. Let our platform’s analytics dashboard help you create data-backed strategies for plan specifics, implementation, and communicating your dental membership plan’s benefits to patients.

Efficiency: Increased

Dental membership plan management platforms are all about efficiency. From automated payments and an analytics dashboard for your morning huddle, to less time and effort haggling over insurance claims and reimbursements, our platform helps you conserve one of your practice’s most precious resources: time.

Boost Revenue: Faster

Your dental membership plan software platform allows you to more quickly and steadily build on the momentum of launching new plan. Plus, streamlined marketing integrations accessed through the platform make promoting your dental membership plans to patients an easier and more efficient process.

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