Dental Membership Plan Software Benefits Dental Patients

Dental membership plan benefits for patients

Dental membership plans and software platforms don’t just benefit dental professionals and their office team – they improve patients’ lives too!

Here are a few of the many benefits your plan, and dental membership software decision, can have for your patients and their dental care.

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Healthcare chevron-right Accessible

DentalHQ increases access to dental care for uninsured and underinsured patients

Uninsured and underinsured patients face innumerable stressful situations when their oral healthcare declines due to access to affordable treatments and cleanings. Dental membership plans from DentalHQ offer an affordable option to all patients, regardless of insurance status, so they can access the preventive care and treatments they – and their families – need for healthy teeth and gums.

Payments chevron-right Easier

Simpler and more streamlined payments and notifications

When you manage your dental membership plan with DentalHQ, your patients enjoy a simpler and more streamlined system of payments and notifications about appointments, billing, and updates from your practice.

Insurance chevron-right Unnecessary

Dental membership plans from DentalHQ reduce dependence on insurance

Many people today make decisions about their employment based on the availability and quality of health and dental insurance as a benefit their employer provides. Offering a dental membership plan allows your patients greater freedom and flexibility in their financial decisions knowing they can work directly with their dental office on affordable payment solutions for their oral healthcare needs.

Besides, making and following up on dental insurance claims can be daunting for patients – and their care provider’s office team! The dental membership plan structure and management with DentalHQ translates to less frequent surprises and hassles for your patients during the billing and payment process.

Appointments chevron-right Attended

Can DentalHQ decrease patient stress? Yes.

Dental membership plans motivate patients to more regularly schedule and attend their cleanings and treatment appointments. That means relieving anxiety a patient may have about needing to call their dentist’s office or having to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Smiles chevron-right Brighter

Dental membership plans with DentalHQ bring better dental health outcomes for patients

More regular appointment attendance tends to lead to better dental health outcomes. Dental membership plans make dental care more accessible and affordable for patients across the board, and your patients can enjoy better dental health overall as a result of the regular cleanings and other treatment options offered under your plan.

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