19 Reasons to Love the New DentalHQ Platform

19 Reasons to Love the New DentalHQ Platform

We love our newly upgraded DentalHQ platform.
And all the ways this fresh look and tons of optimizations can help you grow your membership plan and your dental practice. 

And we think you will love our new platform too. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. Introducing: The Dental Membership Plan Growth Platform

Our software platform doesn’t just help you manage your membership plan – we help you grow. So we’re adding our product phrasing to the dental lexicon: a membership plan growth platform™.

2. User-friendly, for all levels of tech-savviness

More intuitive and user-friendly, with a focus on simplicity to make your day to day practice management easier.

3. More streamlined efficiency

An easier day-to-day workflow within your practice and financial management mean increased efficiency.

4. Allows more time for patient care (and self-care!)

Efficiency means freeing up your time, energy, and focus on improving the patient experience and team morale.

5. Logical flow based on input from experienced office managers and dentists.

We’re not just another software tech company – the DentalHQ team includes real-world dental professionals to optimize our platform and customer support.

6. Dentist-tested. Office manager-approved.

DentalHQ founder Dr. Brett Wells started building this platform to improve logistics within his own dental practices. And the platform has since garnered the seal of approval from office managers both as customers and on the DentalHQ team.

7. Instant insights from analytics dashboard.

Efficiency can be a vague word, but our analytics dashboard delivers fast and clear insights into the growth of your practice’s membership plan.

8. Customize membership plan analytics for your morning huddle.

Not only are these analytics accessible, but they’re applicable to your daily routine, including daily meetings with your team.

9. Easier, faster plan analytics with new report templates

At first glance, these analytics are awesome. And thanks to new reporting templates, those awesome analytics are even more customizable for all your billing needs.

10. Unlimited members = Unlimited upside

The more members you add to your membership plan, the more recurring subscription revenue you bring into your practice at a lower patient acquisition investment. Sky’s the limit.

11. Patient contracts offer continuity of care for patients…

One-year contracts for patients open the doors for more consistent care from a trusted team of hygienists, front desk staff, and their dentist.

12. …and more comfort and reassurance for you, the dental professional

We got you covered. Less worry about patients skipping out on payments after receiving their treatment.

13. More logical flow for member management

Again, efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. Experience a member management workflow designed with your daily routines in mind thanks to input from customers and our own team with dental industry experience.

14. User-friendly tabbed interface makes plan and member information easily accessible

With just a few clicks, you can easily access information for multiple members as needed.

15. More self-service functions and less reliance on customer support

The DentalHQ Customer Support and Success team are here to help. But we have also designed platform updates to empower you, the dental professional, to find what you need when questions arise.

16. Patient Ledger…just like your PMS

Our redesigned member detail experience is inspired by your PMS, including the presence of the Ledger. For now, this is a convenient place to see all the members’ membership payments in one place. Soon, though…it’ll be more than just “inspired” by your PMS. (yes, foreshadowing…)

17. Patient history is more accessible

Reviewing patient history can help you and your team quickly verify details of member status, payments, and other recent activities within the platform.

18. Activity feed for instant updates on plans and member changes and payments

Speaking of recent activities, our new activity feed on the platform dashboard gives a quick read for updates like recently added members, payments, and anything else you might have missed between Thursday and Sunday evening.

19. Always-available, always-visible, always-clickable Add Member button (upper right)

Fixed near the upper-right corner of the platform, this easily visible and accessible button helps you stay on task as you grow your practice’s membership plan.

Read more about some of our favorite new membership plan platform features here.

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