37 Blog Topics for Your Dental Practice Website (And How Posting Them Helps You)

37 Blog Topics for Your Dental Practice Website (And How Posting Them Helps You)

“You should be actively posting on your practice’s blog” might be the last thing you feel like hearing after a long day of dental work. But, you really should. Really. The perfect combination of an authoritative “news source” outlet and the one-on-one connection social media mirrors, blogging offers you a plethora of opportunities. What are those opportunities? Well, today we’ll start by discussing that. Then, we’ll give you 37 blog topics for your dental practice website sure to help you take advantage of those opportunities!

Why Blogging Matters

You’ve probably always thought of blogging as a traffic engine, and that’s true. It can help drive people to your website. Blog posts are so great for pulling searchers in because they give you a large word count, which is more crawlable for Google and offers tons of chances to work keywords into the content in an organic-feeling way. It also provides the framework for fresh content every time you post, which is the key reason to have blog topics for your dental practice website.

This is so useful for you because not only will it attract new potential patients; it will also engage existing ones, building brand loyalty and encouraging them to schedule another cleaning or that restorative procedure they’ve been putting off.

The second way blogging helps you is the expert factor. When you write a blog post on a topic in the realm of dentistry, you have the opportunity to show off your expertise. Here’s how well that could work in your favor:

Let’s say you write a blog post on how cavities form. You optimize it for search engines, with local geotagging in play. Someone a few miles from your practice thinks they might have a cavity and Googles how they’re created. Your post comes up. They read through, are convinced they have one … who do you think they’re going to call? Probably the dentist who told them all about it and has an office five miles away.

You see our point! And we’ve given you one blog topic idea right there, but don’t worry, we’re chock full of them …

Show Them You’re the Pro

In this section, we’ll share a few ideas for blog posts that position you as an expert resource. We already talked about why this is a good move, but here’s another benefit: You can use these posts as follow-up materials for existing patients.

For example, after filling a cavity, tell your patient to check your blog for a post explaining what causes them in greater detail.

Now, you’ve got more website traffic, the patient is familiar with where they could send referrals to get to know you, and they are informed about their dental health! If that’s not an all-around win, we don’t know what is!

  • X Things to Know About Cavities
  • Sudden Tooth Pain? Here’s What Might Be Causing It
  • Kings and Queens: Let’s Talk Types of Dental Crowns
  • How Can You Tell If You Have a Cavity?
  • Tongue Talk: X Facts About Your 8-Muscle Organ
  • This is How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed
  • The X Steps of the Dental Cleaning Process
  • Facts on Fluoride (And Some Dispelled Myths, Too)
  • Can You Actually Smell Cavities?
  • Back to School: The Anatomy of Your Teeth
  • The Connection Between Oral Health and Whole-Body Health
  • “All-Natural” Teeth Whitening: What Works and What Doesn’t
  • Our #1 Favorite Toothpaste and Why We Love It

Give Them Advice

One of the best ways to get traffic on Google is to use blog topics for your dental practice website to answer the questions people will commonly search. Try to select titles that either contain a keyword phrase they’ll be typing in or the entire question.

Many of these can also be used as we mentioned previously: to inform your patient further once they leave the office.

  • The Best X Ways to Support Recovery After a Root Canal
  • X Tips for People with Sensitive Teeth
  • What to Look for When Buying a Toothbrush
  • Your Guide to Great Flossing
  • Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?
  • Which At-Home Whitening Treatments Are Worth It?
  • X Things That Could Be Causing Your Bad Breath
  • Kids Won’t Brush Their Teeth? Here Are X Tips!
  • Implants Vs. Dentures: Which Is Right for You?
  • How to Support Optimal Gum Health (And Why It Matters)

Invite Them to Get to Know You, Your Team and Your Work

Countless people suffer from fear when it comes to the dentist. There are many ways for you to help ease their anxiety, and we’re going to talk more about that in an upcoming blog post, but blog topics for your dental practice website can play a role in that, too!

By inviting your patients to get to know you and your team better from the comfort of home, you enable them to feel more confident in scheduling a visit.

  • Meet Anna T. [Team Member Name]: Our Resident Cavity Spotter [Specialty or Fun Quirk]
  • X Tools Your Hygienist Uses During a Cleaning
  • A Day in the Life at [Dental Practice Name]
  • FAQ with Our Patients
  • Cosmetic Procedures We Specialize in and Who Is a Candidate
  • What to Expect at Your Dental Cleaning
  • Why We Ask About Your Medications and Allergies
  • Here’s How Our Dental Membership Plan Helps You
  • Congratulations to Our Newest Team Member, Jason M. [Team Member Name]!

Celebrate Dental Holidays

Perhaps the easiest and most fun way to build out blog topics for your dental practice website is to write about dental holidays and topics connected to them. People love a theme and having something to celebrate, so these types of posts often perform well!

  • It’s Children’s Dental Health Month, so Let’s Talk About Your Little’s Needs
  • Happy Tooth Fairy Day—Is It Okay to Pull Loose Teeth?
  • This Dental Hygienist Week, Our Team Members Are Sharing Why They Love Their Job
  • Gum Care Month is Here, so We’re Sharing X Tips for Healthy Gums
  • Hold the Candy! Let’s Celebrate Dental Hygiene Month with Some Learning Before Halloween

Now that we’ve shared some blog topic ideas in an array of categories, let’s jump into a few best-practice tips for posting:

  • When you take a new blog post live, send an email blast announcing it to your subscriber list and share it on social media.
  • Try to always answer comments from readers, whether submitted on the blog post, on a social media post, or via reply to the e-blast.
  • Use eye-catching imagery within every blog post! At the very least, you should have a featured image that relates to the content.
  • With tools like WordPress, built-in SEO tips can help make the act of using keywords much less daunting.

If you end up using any of these 37 blog topics, send the link to hq@dentalhq.com; we would love to read your post! And if you’d like to read more of ours, visit blog.dentalhq.com.

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