5 Ways to Enhance Morning Huddles With Membership Plan Analytics

5 Ways to Enhance Morning Huddles With Membership Plan Analytics

Morning huddles can provide valuable data and insights into the present state and future growth of your dental practice. These insights can can help you strategize and refine the pricing, included services, and marketing campaigns for your dental membership plans.

Finances aside, this data can also boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your in-office team’s day to day tasks. And that includes integrating membership plan analytics into your morning huddle to support your office manager as they plan out certain aspects of the day ahead.

Here are 5 ways membership plan analytics can enhance your dental practice’s morning huddles and day-to-day office management.

1. Review progress of monthly goals

During morning huddles, the practice office manager can review month-to-date progress of monthly goals related to your membership plan. Such metrics as new members added to membership plans, including total new members overall and by individual plan if your practice offers more than one.

Some dental practices incentivize their office team to encourage patients to enroll in the practice’s membership plan. Relevant metrics here include sharing overall revenue goals for membership plans and the month-to-date progress for those goals. 

2. Review membership plan activity for previous week

Patient activities related to your membership plan may include payment or non-payment of monthly or annual fees, plan renewals, appointments made for included services, appointments attended for included services, and so on. Reviewing these activities on a weekly or regular basis gives insight into how patients are (or aren’t) using their membership plan and how to refine the logistics and marketing for your practice’s plan.

An activity feed built into your patient management system or membership plan management software platform can provide additional insights for membership plan activity in the previous week. This activity feed can save time, effort, and focus by gathering this information into one place rather than having to find this information from various sources, such as disparate emails or different places to reference within the PMS.

The new and improved DentalHQ membership plan growth platform offers just such an activity feed (because we love you, and you’re welcome). This activity feed offers a snapshot of information to quickly review all patients’ membership plan activities. 

And that includes activities that occurred from Thursday evening through Sunday evenings when many dental practices are closed. Having this information easily and quickly accessible supports your office manager in efficiency and effectiveness as they prepare for their daily morning huddles and the week ahead.

3. Celebrate wins and achievements with your team

In any business, celebrating wins with your team is important for office morale. These moments provide you, as office manager or dental practice owner, with the opportunity to express gratitude for your team members’ work in keeping your practice running smoothly. 

Additionally, these celebrations also enable your team to more clearly understand how their day-to-day tasks contribute to the growth of the practice and the business that employs them. In this instance, these achievements include the promotion and implementation of your practice’s membership plan, a vital tool for growth for your dental practice.

4. Share insights from Weekly Digest emails

Exclusive to the newly upgraded DentalHQ platform, Weekly Digest emails provide all DentalHQ platform users with tailored metrics for your practice and membership plans. These include:

  • Number of active members (with week-over-week change)
  • Target members (percent to goal)
  • Renewing next week
  • Canceled this week
  • Membership revenue (with trending information)

Similar to the streamlined effectiveness of the platform’s activity feed, these weekly emails offer a quick glance at the performance of your membership plan with easy-to-reference metrics for your morning huddles.

5. Identify patients on the day’s schedule to whom to offer your membership plan

Each day, your practice provides treatment and care to a variety of patients with a wide range of financial situations, some of whom are prime candidates for your practice’s membership plan. Such patients may include uninsured patients, underinsured patients whose insurance benefits are maxed out, and patients with specific treatments covered by more specialized plans offered by your practice. 

Review with your office team during your morning huddles any patients scheduled for the day who could most benefit from enrolling in your practice’s membership plan. Guiding your team with specific patients and messaging can create more opportunities to add new members who can genuinely benefit from the services your membership plans provide.

To do this, examine your PMS’s daily patient list alongside your internal membership plan management documentation or third-party software platform. Soon, the DentalHQ platform will include PMS integration to make this a simpler and more efficient process for your daily morning huddles.

As a recap of five ways to enhance your dental practice’s morning huddles with membership plan analytics:

  1. Review progress of monthly goals
  2. Review membership plan activity for previous week
  3. Celebrate wins and achievements with your team
  4. Share insights from Weekly Digest emails
  5. Identify patients on the day’s schedule to offer your membership plan

Your membership plan is a tool for growth for your dental practice. Ensuring the practice office manager and your office team are aligned with membership plan goals, metrics, and messaging can support the overall growth of your plan, your practice, and your patients.

And that progress is what we at DentalHQ love to see.

To test drive DentalHQ’s upgraded platform and analytics dashboard, schedule a demo with us today.

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