How Should I Market My Membership Plan?

How Should I Market My Membership Plan?

After deciding to establish a dental membership plan for your practice and doing the work to make it happen, you may be left with anxiety, wondering how your patients will respond to the plan. Will anyone sign up? And, will the plan help patients? Lastly, will patients see the value in becoming a member of your practice?

If you want the answers to these questions to be yes, the secret is really no secret at all: Like anything else, you need an effective marketing strategy. But now you may be thinking, how should I market my practice’s membership plan?

To begin, we have a resource for you: The Ultimate Dental Membership Plan Marketing Checklist. This checklist provides a detailed foundation to begin creating your marketing plan. But in this post, we’ll also include more specific answers for the “how” of marketing membership plans.

Market Your Membership Plan on Your Blog and Website

Blogging is your website’s own personal information database, including information about your membership plan. You may also include a section on your website that covers the details of dental membership plans. We recommend both.

Establish a webpage that outlines the basics of how the program works, and also publish blog posts about the details that resolve your patients’ potential questions and concerns. This is a solid approach for two reasons:

  1. Your patients can learn about dental membership plans in a more digestible form, one blog post at a time.
  2. You’ll have a growing database of information to share with them, but also the SEO bonus of blog content hosted on your website.

Integrate Your Membership Plan into Every Aspect of Social Media

Yes, every aspect of it. When marketing your membership plan, social media will be a key ally. This is where both potential and current patients can connect with your brand and begin to learn about the prospect of membership plans with no pressure or commitment. 

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for how to incorporate membership plan info into your social media presence: 

  • Mention membership plans in your bio. This could be as simple as: “Ask us about our membership plans!” following other bio details. 
  • Make a series of Story content showcasing the benefits of membership plans or sharing video testimonials from existing members. 
  • Share fun graphics on your feed with quick bits of membership plan info. (Be sure not to include too much text here.)
  • Repost or share on your Story information about membership plans from other practices or institutions.

Market Your Plan to Patients on Your Email List

You can send emails announcing blog posts about the membership plan or send a tip or two about membership plans each week. Either way, email is a great way to keep nudging patients who might be considering signing up for your membership plan but aren’t sure.

And no, email isn’t irrelevant! If you need convincing, we’ve already tackled that.

Get Your Membership Plan in Front of Every Patient In-Office

We’ve touched on a few digital approaches to marketing, but don’t forget about the classics. The pandemic created hurdles for in-office interactions with patients, but these tried-and-true methods still have merit for a reason.

In the waiting room, display brochures and pamphlets that explain your membership plan and the sign-up process. On the check-in desk, place a little desktop sign that reads, “Ask the receptionist about dental membership plans!” Do the same at the check-out desk, if it’s in a different location. You could even have a “Reasons to Love Our Membership Plan” poster in the x-ray room.

Create a Postcard for a Direct Mail Campaign

Yes, people do still pay attention to their snail mail, especially if you’re trying to reach an older demographic. Combine attention-grabbing text about your membership plan and a cute graphic on a postcard, and you’re in business. For example: “Do you want to pay less upfront for your next dental cleaning? We can make it happen!”

Another underappreciated benefit of snail mail is that its reach often extends beyond the intended recipients. When a friend or family member stops by for lunch, they might see your postcard on the fridge or counter and ask what a membership plan is … you might attract both a new patient and a membership subscriber with one postcard!

Ensure Your Team Is on the Same Page

From hygienists and dental assistants to your team at the front desk, every person working within your practice should be well-versed on your dental membership plan and its benefits. You never know when your patient might be mulling over your plan or who they might feel most comfortable speaking with. If a patient wants to ask their hygienist or someone at the front desk questions about the program, that team member should be able to answer effectively— and they can help you make the sale.

As you consider each of these marketing tactics for your membership plan, remember to customize the approach for your practice and patient demographics! If you are targeting young Millennial parents, snail mail could still be useful, but you might want to invest more energy into email marketing and social media. If you have a large community of seniors, swap that advice.

In closing, let’s recap: How should you market your membership plan?

  • Market Your Membership Plan on Your Blog and Website
  • Integrate Your Membership Plan into Every Aspect of Social Media
  • Market Your Plan to Patients on Your Email List
  • Get Your Membership Plan in Front of Every Patient In-Office
  • Create a Postcard for a Direct Mail Campaign
  • Ensure Your Team Is on the Same Page
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