New Payout, New Layout

New Payout, New Layout

This weekend, we released an update to the layout of our payout reports. Here's a quick rundown:

Hooray! New Payout Layout! We've broken it up into three sections: Summary, Platform Activity, and In-Office Activity. This is one major difference from the previous report – we split out In-Office Activity so that the math becomes more apparent. Speaking of math...

The Summary in the upper left is one big arithmetic equation:
(Gross Membership Collections - Collected In Office - Refunds - Management Fees - Merchant Fees = Net Payout)

Gross Membership Collections:  everything you've collected during this payout period – the sum of Platform collections and In-Office collections.

Collected In Office: we subtract this because it's not included in your payout – you've already collected it, but we include it here because we do collect our Management Fee from it.

Refunds: Any refunds you've issued get subtracted from the Gross Collections.

Management Fees: our fees (a.k.a. burrito money)

Merchant Processing Fees: the standard fee from our our merchant processor per transaction.

Aaaaaand....that's it. Subtract everything else from the Gross Membership Collections, and you're left with the Net Payout. Easy!

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