Small Business Owners, Did You Know There Is an Insurance Alternative for Your Team?

Small Business Owners, Did You Know There Is an Insurance Alternative for Your Team?

To say that small business owners have a lot on their plate is an understatement. There unfortunately isn’t one grand solution to that problem. But we do have one idea that can change the game for many. Providing employee health benefits can be a huge expense and major headache for anyone running their own enterprise. And yet, you want to be able to take care of your team. Here’s the good news. We’ve got a potential solution: dental membership plans. Let’s talk about how this insurance alternative could make your life and work a little easier.

What Are Dental Membership Plans?

A dental membership plan creates a more direct relationship between dentists and their patients, with no insurance in the middle. Patients pay a monthly or annual membership fee in exchange for preventive care (cleanings, exams, x-rays. Plus, they often get a discount on additional treatments, such as fillings, crowns, and implants. In other words, it’s a dental subscription.The exact parameters and price of a plan will be specific to each dental practice. But commonly, plans consist of two cleanings, two basic exams, and a set of x-rays per year. Plus 10-15% off of additional treatments.

Dental Membership Plans Are a Great Insurance Alternative

Who wouldn’t like the sound of that? No more open enrollment periods, repetitive emails reminding employees to make their selections, or following up when there are issues.Instead, you can work directly with a local dental practice to offer membership plans for your employees and their families. Insurance alternative for the win! This might take some time upfront, but once established, dental membership plans are designed to keep everything rolling smoothly for all involved. If some or all of your employees work remotely in various locations, you may have to work with a family of practices or maybe a few different ones.You can search for practices that already host dental membership plans via this link. But you can also present this idea to any dentist who hasn’t adopted a similar program yet.If that’s the case, you’ll actually be doing them quite a favor. Dentists are business owners themselves of course. And they can save time and money when they implement dental membership plans within their practice. Membership plans reduce the effort dentists need to expend collecting down payments and insurance payouts. And, they’ll also receive monthly or annual payments on a more regular basis. Simply point your local dentist to learn more about DentalHQ’s BusinessCONNECT™ and we’ll help get them on board.

Dental Membership Plans Help You and Your Employees Save Money

As you surely know, insurance premiums are, well, designed to make you pay a premium.In fact, did you know that insurance premiums can actually cost you much more than you would have spent by paying for dental costs out of pocket? Nearly 70% of patients are paying more to their insurance companies than the true market value of the services they receive. The industry needs an insurance alternative.

When you and your employees split the cost of a premium, you’re both paying more than necessary.

But if you partner with a dental practice to offer your employees a dental membership plan, you can bring your team a new option. This alternative saves all of you money while still being sure your employees have a way to cover their dental costs. You can even subsidize the cost at any level you want—full, half, a specific dollar amount, or anything in between.You and your employees will all pay less for the same services. And who wouldn’t appreciate their boss going above and beyond to organize a benefits package like that?If you’d like to learn more about how this could work, we welcome you to visit our BusinessConnect landing page. Here at DentalHQ, we help dentists keep dental membership plans running smoothly on the backend of things.BusinessConnect is our way of helping dentists offer their services to companies just like yours.As we here at DentalHQ like to say, “Dental insurance is a problem. We solved it.” So, dive into the details of our membership plans, which, by the way, you can enroll in FOR FREE. We’re serious—there’s zero cost to start.If you are a dental patient rather than a dentist, and you’ve stumbled upon this blog post only to find a potential answer to all of your problems, find a dentist who offers plans in your area.

Dental insurance is a problem. We solved it.
We invite you to check out all the details of our industry-leading in-house membership plan platform.
You can get your practice up and running in less than 8 minutes.