The Best Dental Membership Plan Software to Support Your Practice: 4 Features to Look For

The Best Dental Membership Plan Software to Support Your Practice: 4 Features to Look For

Maybe you’ve just decided to establish a dental membership plan for your practice. Or perhaps you’ve been running one on your own for some time. Either way, you will probably come to a particular conclusion at one point or another: You need help managing your plan.

Keeping a dental membership plan in motion is no small task. Don’t get us wrong, the benefits are worth the effort. But wouldn’t it be great if your team could have a bit of assistance and guidance on keeping track of patient members, charging fees, and the various other growing pains that come with implementing a new financial structure into your business?

Enter, membership plan software.

Today on the blog, we’ll review the features you should look for when choosing the membership plan software platform your practice will use.

1. Customization

If a membership plan software can’t accommodate the unique needs of your practice, that platform won’t be as effective or as efficient for you to use. Your membership plan software must be as unique as your practice’s offering.

Maybe cosmetic treatments are more common for your practice, so you want to include whitening and veneer consults in your plan. Many practices create membership plans with annual cleanings in mind, but you should also be able to customize your plan’s offerings to match your specialties and patients’ preferences.

As you search for the best membership plan software, be sure to ask the question of what the software platform will enable you to input as services that are a part of your plan.

2. Intuitive Management and Insights

One of the most valuable features of membership plan software is how the platform maintains the database of your subscribed patients and automates the billing process for those patients. To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your membership plan, these features of the platform you select need to be simple and intuitive for you and your team to use, view, analyze, and edit.

Ask to run a demo of the membership plan software before you purchase (always, always, always do this), and get a feel for how it works with the above factors in mind. Is the platform confusing when you try to add or edit patients into the system? Can you easily find reports on payments, renewals, and other specifics of your membership plan and subscribed members? The answers to these questions are key to your decision.

3. Flexible Pricing

When you first announce your membership plan, patient enrollment may be slow, depending on your offering, pricing, marketing, and patient demographics. It will take some time to advertise and explain the benefits to get more patients onboard.

Because you’ll need time to slowly build up your membership plan to a successful point, you’re probably thinking that paying for software will eat into your budget in the beginning. If you’ve only got a handful of patients subscribed to your membership plan, will the software actually cost more than you’re making on the program at first? Only you can know if your practice’s budget can cover initial costs while you build your plan’s membership base.

Another option is to find a membership plan software company that tiers its pricing, such as charging based on the number of subscribers the software will manage.

4. Growth Potential

Another key to your search is to find a membership plan software platform that aligns with your own growth mindset.

Do you plan to open more than one practice in the future, if you haven’t already? Would you like to market your dental membership plan as a solution for employers or community groups to offer as a benefit or perk of employment or membership? You might not be focused on these things just yet. For now, you’re most focused on launching your practice’s dental membership plan and seeing early successes.

But when looking for the most effective membership plan software for your practice, it’s important to think ahead to ensure your practice’s membership doesn’t outgrow the capabilities of the software platform you choose. As you grow your membership plan and your business, your membership plan software platform should grow with you.

To recap, you want membership plan software to work for your practice. That means carefully vetting the platform alongside the current needs and future growth of your business.

Ideally, the software you choose should …

  • Allow you to customize the services offered as part of your plan
  • Make member management easy
  • Provide clear insights on payment, renewals, and more
  • Have a tiered pricing program that invites you to affordably grow into the software
  • Include features central to group practice owners and those who want to market their plan to small business owners and community groups

Enter, DentalHQ. You saw that coming, right? Obviously, we’re biased, but our passion comes from a place of research and passion.

Our membership plan software has all of these features because we built our platform with you in mind. When our founder, a dentist and group practice owner, began designing this membership plan software platform, he did so with the intention to build a better alternative for his own practices and for his colleagues in dentistry.

As a dentist and practice owner himself, our founder knew what dentists really need from their membership plan software, and now you can reap the benefits. Schedule a demo with us today!

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