Why You Need a Dental Practice Blog

Why You Need a Dental Practice Blog

We’ve touched on the role of a blog on your website in previous blog posts. We’ve even offered a list of blog topic ideas for your practice. But we haven’t yet discussed the many reasons why your dental practice blog can benefit your business. Here are three good reasons.

1. Your Dental Practice Blog Is a Marketing Tool

Why should a patient schedule an appointment with your dental practice rather than one of the other options in your local area? Your blog could be a deciding factor.

Imagine a potential patient is researching online for what dental office to choose. They discover your practice and a few others. Then, they stumble upon your dental practice blog. They read post after post. Each one provides actionable and trustworthy advice in a fun and personable voice. Before the patient realizes, they’ve developed a feeling that your practice has the most welcoming team and greatest level of expertise. That’s content marketing at its finest.

2. Your Dental Practice Blog Can be an Educational Resource

In addition to marketing to new patients, your blog can also be a helpful resource for your current patients.

  • Do you have a patient who needs to learn more about proper flossing?
  • Are parents frustratedly asking why their children have so many cavities?
  • Does a significant procedure coming up require a checklist of actions for a patient to do (and not do) on the evening before and morning of?

Each of these scenarios provides another reason for a dental practice blog. It can be a source for “continuing education” after visits.

And the benefits of a blog for educating patients don’t stop there:

  • Patients can have the resources they need in a place they can always visit. This is often better than a handout or brochure they might misplace.
  • You and your hygienists won’t have to spend as much time discussing and explaining specifics. Info about procedures, products, and hygiene recommendations can be available at the click of a button.
  • In the background, each of those posts serves as a marketing tool. Your existing patients are learning how to prevent their kids’ cavities. But at the same time, new potential patients may read your post after searching that same question. And they now view you as an expert they can trust.

3. Your Dental Practice Blog Can Boost Website Traffic

The last key reason your dental practice needs a blog comes from the various people reading your posts, which translates to increased website traffic for your practice’s online presence. According to experts at Hubspot, “Business blogging leads to 55% more website visitors.” That is a huge number.

You might think that a dental practice, which by nature operates at a local level, wouldn’t need to worry about website traffic. But imagine this scenario.

Someone has just moved to a new city. It’s where your dental practice is located. In your neighborhood are three other practices nearby. The patient knows they need to find a dentist in their new community. So, they search online for “[city name] dentists.” If your practice has been consistently publishing blog posts that search engine algorithms favor, your practice’s website may appear higher in search results.

Patients will probably click around to further research a few different results. But the significance of appearing higher in search results is undeniable.

Especially when coupled with the fact that your practice offers an array of fun and educational blog content to engage patients once they’re on your website. The patient may indeed have found the perfect fit upon their first search—how great is that, for them and for your practice?

To recap, consider these points when deciding whether your dental practice needs a blog.

  • Your blog is a dynamic marketing tool.
  • Educational content is easily accessible from your blog.
  • Website traffic will increase.

The dental profession continues to adjust marketing strategies following the peak of pandemic-related cancellations and changes to healthcare. During this time, a blog can be a lucrative marketing asset for your practice and a trove of information for your patient base as we all find a new semblance of routine and normalcy together.

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