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DentalHQ is the endorsed membership plan platform of the PROPS Center.

Success-based pricing means your business goals are aligned with our business goals.
When you grow your membership program, everybody wins.

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Dr. W. Scott White Endorses Dental Membership Plans
"For the longest time, we believed managing our own plan saved money. We have found the opposite to be true.

DentalHQ is simple and extremely user friendly – we were able to customize our plan and set it on auto-pilot. We are big fans!"

W. Scott White, DDS
Glenpool, OK
DentalHQ Features
HIPAA Compliance
Number of members
Number of active plans
Number of practice locations
Member enrollment options
In-office and online
Plan payment options
Annual and monthly
White-labeled patient sign-up page
Member payment processing
Family discounts
Automated office notifications
Automated member notifications
Guaranteed payment plans
Live team training
Help Center
Email & phone support

Questions? Meet Answers.

You're smart. You do your research.
You want to make sure that DentalHQ is the best membership plan platform for your practice.
We like that about you.
What kind of support can I expect as a DentalHQ partner office?

DentalHQ provides live phone, chat, and text message support to our partner offices, and of course 24/7 email support with crazy-fast response time. And while we happily support all Members on our platform, because of potential regulatory compliance issues we strongly recommend that Members communicate directly with their dental office. This is the relationship most of our partner offices prefer.

But that's not enough.

Beyond mere "support", we're here to provide SUCCESS. DentalHQ was founded by a dentist, and is endorsed by dentists, dental societies, dentist buying groups, and dental networks throughout the country. Client Success is extremely important to us – your success is our success is the dental industry's success.

Does DentalHQ provide training?

Boy, do we ever.

We talked about it in the previous question, but Client Success is one of our core values. It's also what we named the office hamster (don't judge). It is our explicit goal that you absolutely crush it with membership plans. And the best way to facilitate that is with training.

We provide complimentary live web training to not only help you create the best plan for your practice, but to teach your staff how to use the platform and, most importantly, how to communicate your plan with your patients. Need a refresher? We do those, too.

Is DentalHQ "HIPAA compliant"?

Short answer: Yes.

Slightly-less-short answer: We make every effort to align our operations with HIPAA regulations.

Complete answer: Let's discuss this. First of all, there is no official certification process to be formally recognized as "HIPAA compliant"...there's no Cub Scout badge or anything. In fact, the enforcement agency for HIPAA cautions companies and patients on false or misleading advertising related to HIPAA compliance and states that it does not certify any persons or products as "HIPAA compliant." A business that does make this claim is being disingenuous at best, and at worst...well...take the cannoli. (You may see badges on websites that appear to call an entity "compliant," but those badges are given by third-party independent companies who charge money for the privilege.)

At DentalHQ, we take member confidentiality extremely seriously – after all, we were started by a dentist, and Dr. Wells knows better. To that end, we've made it a priority to implement reasonable and appropriate physical, administrative, and technical safeguards designed to align with applicable regulations relating to Protected Health Information (PHI). If you have any questions about our privacy and data security practices, please contact us at  or 833-222-HQ4U (4748).

Are my Members permitted to transfer offices?

No. Not sure who's telling you this, but no: Members cannot transfer offices.

Your membership plan is your membership plan, at your office(s). When your patient joins your membership plan, whether through your online signup formyour in-office enrollment form,  they become your Member. Not our Member. Not anyone else’s Member. Yours.

Does DentalHQ dictate anything about my membership plan?

No. You decide what your membership plan includes and how it’s worded on your signup form and info cards, how much it costs, what it’s called, whether to offer monthly or annual payments to your Members (or both), any age restrictions you wish to apply, family discounts, additional treatment discounts, and even whether or not you want to list your office on our website. It's Your Membership Plan.

What about merchant fees?

DentalHQ is fully integrated with Stripe for online payment processing. Stripe’s pricing can be found here.

Note that fees for ACH payments are significantly less expensive than those for credit and debit card payments, and we offer you the ability to accept cash or check for the purchase of annual plans, of course costing you nothing in merchant fees.

How often does DentalHQ update the platform?

What, this major Upgrade wasn't good enough? :-)

Minor updates and improvements are made weekly. Major product upgrades are rolled out every few months.

Shhh...hear that? Yup, another update. Just happened.