Want to grow your fee-for-service patients?

The NCDS In-house Membership Plan, powered by DentalHQ, can help you do that, and a whole lot more.

Reduce patient attrition

Typical office attrition rates are around 20-25%. Not so good.
Typical in-house membership plan cancellation rates are around 10%. Much better.

Keep your cash paying patients coming back by offering them an in-house membership plan. Patients join in-house plans, and they don’t leave.

Plan Features

Customizable plans

You create the plans. You set the fees. Start off with standard plan templates to get going, and then customize it for your office. Add oral cancer screenings, emergency visits, fluoride treatments, whitening...if you're licensed to do it, you can put it in your plan.

Easy member management

Add, edit, and activate members from your Dentist Dashboard. Run reports on payments, see who's up for renewal...all from a simple browser-based interface. Simple online forms make everything automatic.

Guaranteed payment options

Make it easy on your patients and stand out from the crowd with in-house payment plans, guaranteed by Varidi. No more late payments!

grow fee-for-service patients

Fee-for-service patients are great to have. You want more of them. In-house membership plans help you do that – creating an affinity with your office that keeps patients coming back, whether they have insurance or not.

No sign-up fees. No set-up fees. No monthly fees.

We only charge a small percentage of your patients' membership plan payments. And that percentage decreases the more patients you sign up.

up to 299 members

  • While you're still getting started, you're still only paying a small membership fee. Most practices start at an 8% fee here, but you, as an NCDS member, get a full point fee drop. Now start adding members, and level up! 

300-499 members

  • Now we're cooking. Another point drop at 300 members. If your memberships are $30/month, adding that 300th members saves you $1000 every year. Woot!

500+ members

  • You're a rock star, plain and simple. Vive la révolution!

increase case acceptance

When patients become Members, they develop an affinity to your office – you become their dentist. And they're much more likely to stay with you for additional services.

"It allows more opportunities to provide more care to our uninsured patients. Now we’re seeing increased compliance and increased case acceptance. Our staff loves that. And so do our patients."

Michael Riccobene, DDS
Riccobene Associates, Raleigh, NC

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