7 Platform Features to Grow Your Dental Membership Plan [DentalHQ Upgrade]

7 Platform Features to Grow Your Dental Membership Plan [DentalHQ Upgrade]

Welcome to DentalHQ’s next level of membership plan management. 

Our team has worked tirelessly to improve nearly every pixel of our software platform, with supporting the growth of your dental practice at the center of what we do.

As we see it, we don’t just help you manage your membership plan. We help you to grow that plan, and, by extension, to grow your practice.

We present to you today our new and improved membership plan growth platform. Here are seven platform features we think you’ll love as you grow and upgrade your practice with us.

1. Improved User Interface

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for a membership plan software platform, the DentalHQ upgrade is quite easy on the eyes for dental professionals and office managers alike. Updates to functionality, workflow, and viewability make this upgrade our most user-friendly platform interface yet – and with more improvements and integrations to look forward to in the near future.

2. Membership Plan Analytics Dashboard

As a dental professional and business owner, you likely prefer to make decisions for your practice based on data and analytics. But finding, organizing, and taking informed action on that data can be a challenge when you already have so much to do to manage your dental practice.

Lucky for you, there’s DentalHQ – and our new membership plan analytics dashboard. With just a quick glance, you can review a number of data points related to your practice’s membership plans. These analytics can help you make financial and pricing decisions, strategize marketing campaigns, or even demonstrate the value of your practice to interested buyers and investors.

3. Upgraded Reporting and Templates

In addition to improved access to analytics, we’ve taken the next step toward upgrading our reporting and templates so you can more easily balance your books and monitor membership plan payments. 

For now, we have focused on making customizable payout reports available for your team, and more reporting features and templates will be made available in future iterations of our upgraded platform.

4. One-Year Patient Contracts

We heard you, loud and clear.

We know that there are concerns about membership plans.

Yes, we have heard of instances where patients enroll in a practice’s membership plan, receive their year’s worth of benefits, and cancel the plan before making enough payments to cover the costs of the practice providing that care.

That’s why as part of our platform upgrade, we have included a safeguard for your practice and your peace of mind. With one-year patient contracts, patients who enroll in your membership plan agree to make payments for a full-year, regardless of whether they schedule and attend appointments for the services your plan includes. Breathe easier, we’ve got you covered.

5. Membership Management Made Even Easier

As you grow your membership plan, you grow your practice. That’s why we focused on enhancing member management processes within the DentalHQ platform to create the most simple, seamless, and streamlined user experience possible. 

Whether you’re adding and removing members, managing multi-member family plans, or checking member status and activity history, all that you need is easily and readily accessible at your fingertips. 

Our customer support team has over three decades of combined real-world dental office experience, and we've leaned heavily on them for many of the user-experience features. Simply put, DentalHQ has refined the member management user experience with your day-to-day workflow in mind.

6. Billing Ledger and Patient History

We’ve been excited about this one. Within our upgraded platform’s member management features, we have included easily accessible tabs for a member’s billing ledger and patient history…just like your PMS. 

You and your team can now quickly review a variety of details for each member with just a few clicks. Whether you’re looking to support patient communications, address billing issues, or enhance your daily morning huddle, these new features aim to make your day to day easier.

7. Membership Plan Activity Feed

Another alluring feature of the DentalHQ upgrade, our new constantly-updating activity feed.

The patient information this feed provides can be especially helpful for your morning huddles and for reviewing patients’ membership plan activity from Thursday evening through Sunday evening, when most dental practices are closed. 

All this to save you time and energy that otherwise might have been spent searching through emails and your patient management system for that same information. And who doesn’t love improving the efficiency of your dental office?

Let’s recap these seven awesome features of our upgraded DentalHQ platform, built to help you grow your practice’s dental membership plan: 

  1. Improved user interface
  2. Membership plan analytics dashboard
  3. Upgraded reporting and templates
  4. One-year patient contracts
  5. Membership management made easier
  6. Billing ledger and patient history
  7. Membership plan activity feed

The DentalHQ team is excited to share our new upgraded platform and its many features, built and refined with you and your dental practice in mind.

Schedule a demo today and see for yourself the many benefits of the new DentalHQ platform, and all the membership plan success-driven features included.

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